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The guide to buying unique friendship gifts: Keeping it unique just like her

Updated: Jul 20, 2022

You love her and you want to get her something you love. But ever been stuck in a brain block and can’t find the right present for your bestie’s birthday? Here’s our guide to buying the most unique and fun friendship gifts that we are sure she will love.

Why do we even give gifts ?

Gift giving has been a favourite topic in the world of psychology for some time. But what I am about to tell you may come as a surprise. Psychologists have said that giving presents to friends is more for the giver than it is for the receiver. This means that we really give gifts for us! It is believed that the thrill we get from giving presents is the reason we continue to give. We like the feeling of kindness it leaves us with. More than this, human interaction in life is key, and by giving gifts we are thus closing the gap between us and our friends. This makes us even closer, and this is what psychology says makes us happier and feel more fulfilled. Gift giving to friends helps define relationships and strengthen bonds. Researchers have said “Whoever is on your gift lift is telling you who is important in your life” and I couldn’t agree more.

Key tips before buying gifts Before you go running to the shops there are a few things which in my opinion it is vital for you to think about. More than just knowing who you are buying for, you need to really KNOW them. What do they like? What are their hobbies? What will be useful to them? As well as this, other key issues such as your budget is key. I really believe that it’s not the price tag that matters, rather the thought put into the gift. Understanding your friend is key and will really help you to find the perfect present for them.

Ideas for unique friendship gifts As easy as it is to say know your friend, sometimes you know your friend so well that you know that they don’t want and don’t really need anything. This is usually where all the problems begin: the stress, the hassle and the headaches of what to buy the person who doesn’t want and doesn’t need anything. Being one of those people myself, I can tell you the job at hand really isn’t easy. My friends joke with me that whenever they buy me a gift they know to put a gift receipt inside! However, there are some fall back items that I would always love to receive from my friends and that I think make gorgeous, unique friendship gifts no matter who you are buying for.

Great gift options

Fixing something which is broken

I once had a friend who came to my house and when I wasn’t looking attached clock hands and the relevant mechanism to my canvas that was hanging on the wall. For months I had spoken about how I needed a clock in the room and had never got round to getting one. I thought it was the most gorgeous present, so thoughtful and classic. And the best part was, instead of buying me a clock and having to guess my taste, he took something that he knew I already loved and made it even better. Fixing things is always useful.

  • Gifts to do together For most of us ladies, the times we ever really get to have fun with our girlfriends are so far and few between. I hate this! And so when it came to one of my good friend’s birthday, I organised for a small group of her closest friends to go to the spa and get treated for the day. We paid for her as this was her present. This way she got to have time with her friends and it was a gift we knew she would love but wouldn’t necessarily buy for herself. Here it is the company and the atmosphere that matters more than the gift you buy.

  • Personalized gifts The one thing I never buy myself is something personalized. I don’t know why. Maybe it’s because I see them as things that I give to others as so they fall into my category of gifts. Because of this I am a fool for anything personal. I love the thought and detail put into it by someone else, the true meaning behind the phrase “it’s the thought that counts”. Over the years I have received some absolutely adorable personalized presents such as a photo calendar of me and my friends, my name as a keychain, a storybook of my life and engraved jewelry to name but a few things. But with them all, it is the Qismat Jewels I am still using to this day.

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