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Time To Learn How To Choose Jewelry For Your Girlfriend - Let’s go!

Updated: Aug 28, 2021

If you find yourself trying to pick a piece of jewelry for your girlfriend or wife, but you just don’t have a clue where to start then you will need to discover the ‘how to’ before you actually do. It is not the easiest quest to go on but once you have pinpointed the stage you are at in your relationship, know her style and the kind of girl she is, then you will be well on your way to choosing the best jewelry gift for your girlfriend. The thing about jewelry gifts is, that no matter what, it will carry a special sentimental value. Most women love jewelry. It is always going to be touching and meaningful but you can’t just buy any old thing - you must consider her style, colouring and what she would love to receive, especially from you. The best thing you can do is to listen out for hints. When she is reading a magazine or shopping online, talking to her friends or straight out telling you about something she has forever longed for - make sure you are listening and taking ‘mental’ notes. Look at the jewelry that she has now, that will give you an idea about what her favorite category of jewelry is:

  • Rings

  • Necklaces

  • Bracelets

  • Earrings

And the kind of style that she likes:

  • Light or heavy

  • Trendy fashion, boho or sparkly diamonds

  • Statement or delicate

  • Gold or silver (If she generally wears silver it is likely she would prefer the gift to be silver, and the same vice versa.) Vintage or modern

There is a broad range of ideas that you have to work with. If you write down the answers, you may just find yourself with a description of the perfect piece of jewelry for your girlfriend. There are different rules for different types of relationships. Here we have categorized how to determine an appropriate gift for your type of relationship. Are You In A Fresh And New Relationship?

If you and your girl have only been together for a short time, let's say a few months, then you don’t want to get anything too drastic as it may scare her or show that you are jumping in too deep, too soon. That being said, she is your girlfriend and it may be her birthday or you may just want to treat her to show that you do care. In this situation it is suggested to get something that says ‘I care about you’ but NOT ‘I love you’. A simple style Name pendants would be the perfect gift to make a point of how much she means to you. Starting to Fall For Her - It’s time to get more serious! Your relationship is getting

stronger and time is passing, you’re not ready to get married you but you definitely know your feelings are going that way. This is the time to invest in something a little more special, something that doesn’t say ‘You’ but does say ‘Us’, boyfriend and girlfriend jewelry.

At this time in your relationship it begins to sink in how for real this is, how connected you are to each other and maybe you are

ready to show her how much you love her. There is no better way to express this than with a piece of jewelry that fits with another, like a personalized love necklace, one for you and one for her. Be Prepared For Those Special Moments It's time for that special moment when you have been together long enough that your first anniversary is approaching and you HAVE to get her something that extra bit special - Now it's time to get a piece of jewelry for your girlfriend that will prove to her your true, everlasting love. What better way to do this than with an infinity necklace with both your initials carved or engraved into the pendant. This type of occasion also means that you can begin looking for jewelry with gems - something that includes precious stones or diamonds. This is definitely going to work your wallet a little harder, but it will be so worth it when you see her face light up at the sparkles shining out of the gift box you have given her. This is a time to invest in solid gold or white gold with a trimming of Cubic Zirconia diamond stones. A necklace that will last forever so that she will always remember your love for her. Want Her To Marry You - Now It Is Time To Find The Perfect Ring...

The moment is approaching that you are ready to propose to her - This is big, and so must be the ring that you present to her. Not necessarily meaning big in physical size but you are making a statement of how much she means to you and how well you know her. You must consider all jewelry ideas for your girlfriend, ‘to be’ Fiance, and even look through her collection to see which stones and material she wears the most. It is very important t

o get this one right, do your research and make sure you choose the material she would most prefer, the type of stone that she would like and do not forget to find out her 4th finger, ring size - Left hand! Every girl has her style and every couple has their own special relationship and meaning to that relationship. When looking for jewelry gifts for your girlfriend, don’t panic, I am sure whatever you get her she will love. It doesn’t matter how much you spend or what you end up choosing because it is the thought that counts the most- if you put a true effort into finding the perfect gift and making it personal for her, then that is what will really touch her heart.

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